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    Becoming a CO-OP Training Site

    The following are basic guildelines for employers interested in becoming an approved training site for a CTE program at Steel Center.

    • Provide a safe work environment
    • Pay a legal wage equal to or higher than minimum wage ($7.25)
    • Provide wages in the form of a company payroll check with documentation of all standardized deductions
    • Possess workers’ compensation insurance
    • Possess up-to-date Federal and State clearances including criminal history records and child abuse history
    • Sign the Cooperative Education agreement and training plan
    • Provide period evaluation of student performance
    • Adhere to Federal and State regulations regarding employment and child labor laws
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    Obtaining Clearances

    Pennsylvania requires that companies entering into co-op or internship agreements have one adult in the workplace (with volunteer clearances) who will be designated as the supervisor of the student (clearances are needed if the student learner is a minor; no clearances are required for those supervisors working with students at or over age 18).

    The designated supervisor shall be the one responsible for the student's welfare while at work. This supervisor must be in the "immediate vicinity" (an area in which he/she is physically present with the student and can see, hear, direct and assess the activities of the student) at regular intervals with the student.

    Clearances are in effect for 60 months (5 years). The designated supervisor must have the following clearances:

    Act 114: Federal Criminal History Record (Fingerprinting) or Federal Criminal History Disclosure

    Act 34: Pennsylvania State Criminal Record Check

    Act 151: Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

    Act 24:  Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form (only if clearances were previously acquired)

Federal and PA Child Labor Laws