college and career
  • Welcome to Steel Center's Virtual College & Career Fair. Please explore the five different post-secondary pathways (employment, skilled trade unions, armed services, two-year college/trade schools and four-year college/universities) and receive information via links and videos from our post-secondary partners.

    Directions/Expectations of the Activity

    #1 Review the five post-secondary pathway booths and choose one or more that interests you. 

    #2 Once inside the pathway you have chosen, click on any or all of the education partner logos listed. 

    #3 Upon clicking on a logo you will see links and promotional videos for your review. 

    #4 Once you have explored all the post-secondary opportunities of interest please click on the provided link which will take you to a brief activity survey. 

    College & Career Fair Activity Survey


  • union apprenticeships  US Armed Services

    2 Year College/Trade School  4 year college

    Employment  College Career Fair Survey