Remote Learning Instructions

  • Remote Learning 

    Steel Center will close school for In-Person Learning based on:
    1. Safety: If road conditions in our immediate area (as well as snow removal on the Steel Center campus) and/or health and safety factors such as a Covid-19 outbreak, and anything that jeopardizes the health and safety of our students and staff.
    2. When a significant percentage of our students attend districts that are closed or on a remote learning day due to weather or other safety reasons. (example: If all districts are closed or on a remote learning day delay except for Clairton and South Park, school for 87% of Steel Center students is closed or on remote). 
    • Closing Steel Center for in-person learning would be based on either hazardous conditions caused by precipitation, extreme temperatures, or other health and safety risk factors.
    • This decision may be made by 6:15 AM, or it could be made in conjunction with a 2-hour delay in which the status would change from a delay to closing. 
    • When Steel Center is closed, we will switch to Remote-Learning Day. 



    • All students will log into the Canvas lms and follow the instructions provided by their teacher.
    • If students do not attend the virtual meeting for their class, they will need to provide a valid written excuse or it will be marked as unexcused.
    • Any assignments that are not completed will be recorded as a zero.