• From the Executive Director

    Kevin E. Rice

    On behalf of the Joint Operating Committee of our member school district boards, I thank you for your interest in Steel Center and welcome you to our website. As the Executive Director, I have the honor of leading an incredibly talented team of faculty and staff. Steel Center offers high school students a "Pathway to Success" by providing them with learning experiences that are needed to become "Life Ready". Families from the diverse communities we serve have come to expect a challenging and high quality education for their children who pursue our programs of study. To become Life Ready, Steel Center believes that EVERY student can: 1) Become a CTE program completer. 2) Earn Industry Recognized Credentials and Post Secondary Credits. 3) Participate in Work-Based Learning. and 4) Develop the Personal/Professional Skills needed for higher education and today's workforce. The foundation for ensuring these outcomes for our students is the Safe and Nurturing Environment that we strive to maintain. Steel Center is a special place to learn and work, our system is designed to be very supportive for our high school students as well as offering continuing education and workforce development opportunities for adults within our communities.

    The economic realities of our local communities and throughout the Pittsburgh region reflect that Career and Technical Education is needed and valuable now more than ever to grow a workforce with critical needs. These needs are due to many factors including a shortage of qualified workers in many sectors of employment. Because of this, tremendous opportunities exist for our youth in healthcare, skilled trades, transportation, manufacturing and MORE. These shortages are caused by the attrition of workers into retirement as well as new jobs in the emerging technology energy sectors that have swept through Pennsylvania in recent years. All of the needs within the workforce equals tremendous opportunities, meaningful careers and family sustaining wages. Through our close relationships with business, industry, higher education and community partners, Steel Center connects students to these opportunities and to a bright future.

    The public school system is also in a significant place in history as federal and state legislation has enacted the largest ever reform of our schools. Districts have an abundance of regulations and guidelines to follow in order to meet these new expectations. A theme that has emerged from this is a new focus for students to become "Future Ready". This new focus positions Steel Center to support our member school districts in their efforts. Gone are the days when students who attend CTE programs are viewed as merely pursuing "entry level training". Today's CTE students who make Steel Center part of their high school curriculum are developing critical skills and earning post-secondary credentials that are in demand with employers. They are also earning college credits gaining a competitive advantage in the workplace by starting their career while in high school through Steel Center.  

     Again, I thank you for your interest in Steel Center and encourage you to take advantage of educational and training programs as part of your individual career pathway. You should expect excellence from us in all that we do. Please contact me with any questions or concerns at (412) 469-3200 ext. 6741 or krice@steelcentertech.com