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Cosmetology students take 1st place in the fantasy contest!

  • Cosmetology fantasy contest

    The Cosmetology students competed in a fantasy contest on Monday, October 22, 2018 at the August Wilson Center. There were two Steel Center teams and each created hair, makeup, nail, and costume designs. Team Knight created a dark version of Alice in Wonderland, and Team Bonsall  designed their version of Medusa. Team Knight included Chrissy Taylor (SA) and Angela Sacco (BRT) as team leaders; Kaylee Hornfeck (BLD), Alexis Primrose (BLD), Angela Sacco (BRT), and Aubrey Arnold (TJ) were the makeup team; Janyiah Williams (CL), Lamya Sarvis (SA), and Madison Rose (SV) created the nail designs; Thomas Deliman (CL), Logan Hails (BLD), Chrissy Taylor (SA), Caitlyn Dominowski (SV), Rose Wysocki (TJ), and Macie Mason (TJ) made up the hair team; Mel Perdomo (BLD) was the model. Team Bonsall included Angel Jackene (WM) and Alyssa Scherer (SP) as team leaders; Hannah Picard (BP), Sara Morris (EF), Lanaisa Williamson (Duq), and Alyssa Scherer (SP) made up the hair team; Angel Jackene (WM) designed the makeup; Celia McBride (EF) and Jenna Ludwick (EF) created the nail designs; Haley Hoover (SP) was the model. Both teams earned first place trophies and cash prizes during the Student Cosmetology Expo. Carpentry and Collision Repair helped with props, and Advertising Design helped with music for the competition.