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    Emissions Inspection Certification & Safety Inspection Class Information

    Emissions Inspection Certification - $150.00

    This course is a 2-day/4-hour class.  You must register with Steel Center as well as register and purchase training materials at www.patrainingportal.com at the cost of $39.99 prior to the first day of class.  Students are required to review/study the material provided by the state before the class.  You will need the login and password to access the materials during the class.  


    State Safety Inspection Certification - $200.00  training material included (Each additional category is $50.00) 

    This course is a 4-day/16 hour class with an additional one hour tactile per category that is scheduled by appointment by the instructor.  You must register prior to the class.  All students must have a valid driver's license.