Emissions Inspection Certification

    March 28 & 29 2023

    Time:  3:30-7:30 PM

    Second Floor Computer Lab


    PA Safety Inspection Certification

    April 19, 20, 26 & 27, 2023

    Tactile testing:  May 3 & 4, 2023

    Time:  3:30-7:30 PM

    Automotive Technology Classroom/Shop


    Emissions Inspection Certification & Safety Inspection Class Information

    Emissions Inspection Certification - $150.00

    This course is a 2-day/4-hour class.  You must register with Steel Center as well as register and purchase training materials at www.patrainingportal.com at the cost of $39.99 prior to the first day of class.  Students are required to review/study the material provided by the state before the class.  If you fail to review the materials prior to the class, the test will not be available to you.  You will need the login and password to access the materials during the class.  


    State Safety Inspection Certification - $200.00  training material included (Each additional category is $50.00) 

    This course is a 4-day/16 hour class with an additional one hour tactile per category that is scheduled by appointment by the instructor.  You must register prior to the class.  All students must have a valid driver's license.