Veterinary Assistant Program of Study (New 2021-2022)

  • The Veterinary Assistant program prepares individuals to support veterinarians by providing assistance during animal examinations, treatment administration and monitoring; by keeping animal and related health record information; and by performing a range of selected practice-related duties. This program is designed to provide instruction in preparing the animal for examination and treatment, sterilizing equipment and performing selected routine laboratory procedures under direct supervision of the veterinarian. Instruction also includes maintaining medical and business records, charting and scheduling activities and a wide range of practice- related duties as applied to animal health care, the biomedical field and the pet industry. The health occupational planned courses include the study of life sciences with emphasis on animal anatomy, physiology, diseases, reproduction, genetics, nutrition, animal laboratory procedures, aseptic technique, OSHA regulations, infection control and procedures. Clinical education is an integral part of the program. Science and math taught by certificated science and math teachers will be coordinated and deemed essential for students to successfully reach their career objectives.


    Industry Certifications – National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA)

    Approved Veterinary Assistant (AVA)

    Career Opportunities

    Veterinary Assistant

    Laboratory Animal Specialists

    Animal Health and Nutrition

Teacher Contact Information

  • Mr. Nicholas Rivituso


About the Program