• From the Executive Director

    Kevin E. Rice

    On behalf of the Joint Operating Committee of our member school district boards, I want to thank you for having an interest in Steel Center. As the Executive Director, I have the privilege of working with a very dedicated group of faculty and staff who are committed to providing the highest quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) to our students. I am fortunate to work within a system that is very supportive of CTE for secondary school students and understands the real value of continuing education and workforce development opportunities for adults within our communities.

    Career and Technical Education is valuable now more than ever to help address a workforce and economy with critical needs. These needs are due to many factors, one major contributor is a shortage of qualified workers in many sectors of employment. These sectors include healthcare, skilled trades, transportation, and manufacturing. Some of these shortages are caused by the attrition of workers into retirement. However, it is the emergence of energy related occupations that has swept through Pennsylvania in recent years that will give individuals tremendous opportunities for meaningful careers and family sustaining wages. Steel Center is ready to accept the opportunity to aide in this process.

    The public school system is also in a significant place in history as federal and state legislation has enacted the largest effort to reform our schools. Districts have an abundance of regulations and guidelines to follow in order to meet the new expectations. A theme that has emerged from this is the need for a new focus, that students become both "College and Career Ready". This new focus provides Steel Center with another opportunity and that is to assist our member school districts to meet the second part of this new expectation. By aligning ourselves with state and national efforts to reform education, Steel Center is positioned to play a major role in school improvement efforts as well as the support for growing a healthy economy in Southeastern Allegheny County and beyond.

    Again, I thank you for your interest in Steel Center and encourage you to use our center of education and training as part of your individual career pathway. You should expect excellence from us in all that we do. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at (412) 469-3361 or krice@steelcentertech.com